Trying to Adult

I recently quit a job, I won’t mention the name of said job, but know it was a type of club for coffee. a coffee club if you will…. And I was so happy to be rid of the environment. For whatever reason this coffee shop was unable to ever have a satisfied customer, and the times I was able to use my customer  I would be told I was spending too much time with the customers. Customers would be waiting 45 minutes for an entree of 5 calamari rings, but I wouldn’t be able to make small talk to distract them from this wait. Not to mention the crazy under staffing… but I’m getting off topic.

Once I quit I felt a freedom, that was until it was time to do my taxes…. I discovered that they didn’t email me my payment summary, which indicates how much I could claim back on tax etc. At first this seemed like a relatively easy fix, all I would have to do is call up the old store and get them to email me my payment summary… I was wrong… so very very wrong.

the first conversation went along the lines of:

Me – “Hi, I’m an old employee of this store, I haven’t received my payment summary, would you be able to email it to me, thanks?

Boss – “We emailed them last week”

Me- “Ahh, well something must have gone wrong as I never received the summary”

Boss – “Yeah well we emailed them last week”

Me – “I don’t suppose you could email it again”

Boss – “No you have to call head office”

Me – “No problem! Do you have the number by any chance?”

Boss – “Just look it up online”

Me – “Ok, thanks for your time”

Boss – *hangs up*

I then went and called head office

Me – “Hi, I’m an ex-employee. I haven’t received my payment summary”

Receptionist – “We emailed them last week”

Me – “Ahh yes, my old boss did mention that, but said I should call you to email me again.”

Receptionist – “You have to email payroll”

Me – “Do you have an email address?” *fearing they would just tell me to look it up online

Thankfully they did have the email address! So hopefully I will be able to actually complete my taxes like a real adult and can be rid of this club for coffee for good…

And remember, never stay in a job you hate just because they pay you!


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